is a member of the leading European group BAD - TeamPrevent which provides services on advanced management systems, occupational health and safety and environmental safety.



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Feedback from our clients

... We would like to highlight the high levels of professionalism, ethics and objectivity shown by your employees in the process for development and implementation of the quality and food safety management system...

P.A. Sokyrko, Director

Myronovsky Meat Processing Factory "Legko"



Our auditors will advise you on how to improve your management systems

ISO 50001

Energy Management

We will analyse and develop systematic measures to reduce your energy consumption costs.

ISO 27001

Information Security

We will help you to implement an effective management system for continuous protection of your information assets.


Advice for your company

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Food Safety

TeamPrevent-UKRAINE has successfully advised three Ukrainian enterprises producing poultry products for obtaining permission to exports to the EU.

B·A·D TeamPrevet Groupe


TEAM PREVENT-UKRAINE conducts all kinds of training for any of the modern management systems, for environmental issues and energy management, occupational health and safety, risk assessment.

First Aid

We will train you how to act quickly and effectively in

emergency situations.